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Lateral damp can be described as moisture forcing its way through walls.

You can expect to find lateral damp where the vertical damp proof course has deteriorated or been omitted or incorrectly installed. Some symptoms of lateral damp are the appearance of salts crystallizing on the walls (Efflorescence), flaking or blistering paint and cracked plaster. 


The process of damp proofing - Example of damp wall

Step 1: Stripping damp plaster off wall.

Step 2: Drilling walls in preparation for injections of chemical damp course.

Step 3: Injecting chemical damp course.

Step 4: Tanking bricks on soil retaining wall.

Step 5: Re-plastering wall.
Wall after being damp proofed.

Treating lateral damp - See image Plastered Plinth and Figure B

Lateral damp is treated by "tanking" - that is, stripping the plaster off the bricks - applying PRO-STRUCT, a patented cementitious waterproofing system that creates a waterproof barrier which can resist high water pressures on either the negative or positive sides of a wall, to the bare bricks to prevent damp penetration and plastering with damp repellent cement in combination with silicone injection, where necessary, to ensure the prevention of rising damp. 


Flick uses products that have been tested successfully under severe local conditions. 

Some likely locations of lateral damp


If there's a problem with the vertical damp course you might find cases of lateral damp


  • where the ground is higher than the damp proof course
  • in split-level constructions
  • in basements
  • around plastered plinths
  • in flower boxes
  • in showers and baths
Plastered Plinth


The plinth brickwork is the part of the wall between the ground and the damp proof course. This brickwork is usually good quality face brick. Bricks below the damp proof course are always wet, but this presents no structural problem. The problem occurs if the plinth is plastered. This allows moisture to be transmitted through the walls to the exterior. The result is damaged and effloresced plaster.


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